Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Security of Sacrifice"


Having been financially supplied by its members, Paul assures the church in Philippi that his financial needs have been fully met. He commends their sacrificial giving and refers to it as a pleasing sacrifice to God. Paul concludes the passage with a simple-yet-profound theological truth: the Philippians’ sacrificial giving to meet Paul’s needs has provided an opportunity for God to fulfill their own needs, and God will always meet the needs of his people because of Christ Jesus.



  1. How does the ability of believers to please God relate to Christ’s sacrifice of paying for our sins through the cross?
  2. How are OT sacrifices and this sacrificial giving different in what they accomplish?
  3. What does it mean that God supplies every need of his people if Paul himself was familiar with hunger and need (4:13)? How are both of these realities simultaneously true for God’s people?
  4. How does sacrificial giving affect your witness to unbelievers?
  5. Jon exhorted us not to walk away from the word of God unchanged. Relating to sacrificial giving, what has the Lord put on your heart to change?