Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "What Does This Mean?"


Foretold in the prophets and promised by Jesus, the Day of Pentecost was the promise of a new spiritual life of power and proclamation. On this day, the Holy Spirit Himself came into the believers, and they began proclaiming the mighty works of God. Peter, empowered by the Spirit, told those listening about the person and works of Jesus who rose from the grave and is the promised Messiah. Many of those listening were “cut to the heart” by this message and didn’t know what to do about it. Peter’s answer was simple: repent, turn your heart’s affections to Him, be forgiven of your sins, pledge your allegiance to Christ by receiving baptism, and receive the given of the Holy Spirit to be empowered. This same Spirit who launched this mission is present with believers today, empowering them to join God in His unstoppable mission to proclaim Christ to the ends of the earth.

1. In quoting the prophet Joel, Peter says that they are “in the last days.” Based on Acts 2 and Jeff’s sermon, what did this mean for them? What does this mean for us?
2. Jeff mentioned that this event, the coming of the Holy Spirit, was significant for the disciples, for church history, and for us. In what ways is it significant for us?
3. Jeff exhorted us to remember the time when we were transformed by the Spirit and were baptized. How did your life change when this happened to you?
4. In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit is seen working through the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform lives. How does this inform, empower, and encourage our evangelism?
5. Peter says in verse 32, “This Jesus God raised up, and of that we all are witnesses.” What have you witnessed God do in your life, and how might you use this in evangelism?