Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Christ's Continuing Work"

Overview of the Sermon:

Luke recounts two miracles that closely reflect two of Jesus’ very own. First, a paralyzed man (Aeneas) who lived outside of Jerusalem, is told by Peter that Jesus Christ heals him! Upon this man’s healing, many of the locals turn to the Lord Jesus. Then, even further from Jerusalem, in Joppa, Peter is sent to raise a woman named Tabitha from the dead. Dependent on Christ to continue His saving work, Peter prays, and the woman rises! News also spreads throughout this town, many more believe, and the gospel continues to spread further from Jerusalem into the rest of the world. This passage reminds each of us that the ascended Jesus continues to work through his church by the power of His Spirit.

Discussion Questions:

  1. These signs brought many to faith in Jesus. How do these miracles give glory to Christ and draw the observers to Him?
  2. What has been one of the most evident works of God’s grace in your life recently?
  3. The passage concludes with Peter staying with a culturally despised tanner named Simon. Is there a culturally despised community you might be able to engage for the sake of the gospel? How could someone pray for you in that endeavor?
  4. What makes this passage so relevant to our church’s second decade of ministry?