Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Persecutor Turned Preacher"

Overview of Sermon:

Acts 9:20-31 describes what Saul did after his conversion. Immediately, Saul begins to preach the very gospel he persecuted others for believing, and the Lord uses Saul’s conversion to grow the church. Saul’s story illustrates the centrality of Christ in presenting the gospel, the importance of friendship and community in conversion, and God’s personal love towards those he saves.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Reread verses 21 and 22. Saul immediately began “(proving) that Jesus is the Christ.” How does this affect our tendency to think we have to have “the right words” when sharing the gospel with someone?
  2. Our conversion should illustrate—but not dominate—our testimony. How can Christians be tempted to think a specific experience or response is the gospel?
  3. Think of those who specifically reached out to you either as part of this church or when you were saved. How did they display characteristics of Barnabas’ friendship with Saul?
  4. Saul’s conversion was perhaps the conversion that other Gentiles least expected, yet
    God chose him to carry the gospel to Gentiles and the church “walked in the fear of the Lord… (and) multiplied” (v. 31). Who in your life do you think will never know Jesus? How has the Lord used Saul’s story or this series on Acts to encourage your evangelistic efforts?