Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "One Story"

Overview of Sermon:

This passage begins with an angel of the Lord calling Philip to leave the revival in Samaria and go to the desert. Philip is led by the Spirit to speak to a God-fearing man, a Eunuch from Ethiopia. The man invites Philip into his chariot, and Philip shares the good news about Jesus, explaining how the scriptures point to and are fulfilled in Jesus. The man responds to the gospel, receives the gift of salvation, is baptized by Philip and returns to Ethiopia rejoicing.

Discussion Questions:

  1. In this passage, Philip is a model evangelist. In what ways does he display humility,
    courage, wisdom, and proclamation of the same gospel message whether to crowds or individuals?
  2. C.J. pointed out that the Eunuch’s conversion marks another ethnic barrier overcome by the gospel. What is the significance of this barrier being overcome and what are the implications for us today?
  3. Behind Philip’s evangelistic efforts is God, the great evangelist. How can this reality
    encourage you in your efforts to share the gospel?
  4. Do you enter into each day alert to the fact that God is orchestrating circumstances and preparing hearts to receive the gospel? How can you make yourself more available to be used by God to share the Gospel this week?