Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Glories of Gospel Partnership"

Sermon Overview:

Mr. Pannell highlights the Philippian church’s partnership in Paul’s missionary endeavors. In verses 10-13, Paul clarifies a potential misunderstanding by expressing contentment in Christ, no matter on which end of the need spectrum he is found. In verses 14-20, Paul brings to bear the nature of their partnership in the mission of the gospel. Those who go and those who give are both rewarded by the risen Savior.

Discussion Questions:

  1. This text differs from most in discussing the nature of giving towards missions. How has it changed the way in which you think about giving to missions?
  2. In verses 10-13, Paul expresses his contentment regardless of the situation he finds himself. How are you tempted to rely on things or people in times of trials? In what ways have you been Spirit-driven to be content with Christ only?
  3. We should be careful not to pity missionaries, or conversely, inflict shame upon
    ourselves for not being the one to go. How do these verses protect against both?
  4. In verses 14-20, Paul expresses great joy in the Philippian’s partnership in the gospel. How does Paul’s modeling of mission partnership provoke your own witness to unbelievers in your everyday interactions?