Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Looking Back, Going Forward"

Sermon Overview:

In Antioch, Paul is invited to speak in the synagogue and proclaims the unstoppable
gospel. In his message, Paul looks back on God’s redemptive power through Exodus and looks forward as the unstoppable gospel he introduces goes to the ends of the earth. Many believed and were pursued by God, while others fell to jealousy and persecuted Paul. He knew that the Lord would accomplish his will and the gospel would spread to all nations, regardless of the opposition of the Jewish leaders.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Steve pointed out that many who heard Paul preach in Antioch may not have heard the name of Jesus, and may have been surprised by the need for redemption. What
    surprises you most about the gospel of Jesus Christ and its fruit and effect in your life?
  2. Though our evangelism doesn’t have to be structured like Paul’s, what were the key
    elements of the gospel that we should remind ourselves of and use in our evangelism?
  3. Steve warned of jealousy and its effects on the church. How have you been tempted to be jealous of others?
  4. Steve briefly unpacked the doctrine of God’s sovereign grace–what are some
    encouraging effects of God’s sovereign grace in our lives and in the lives of those we share the gospel with?
  5. Steve pointed out that Paul knew scripture well enough to draw on different passages as he shared the gospel. What are some key passages you find yourself using in evangelism?