Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "A Real Mess to a Revived Mission"

Overview of Sermon:
As the Church in Acts continued to expand, so did the needs. In fact, complaints about
neglected Greek-speaking widows came to the Apostles attention. They knew that these needs must be attended to. However, they also knew that if they were to care for the widows personally, then they would lose focus on their God given responsibility to minister the Word and pray. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Apostles appointed seven spiritually qualified men to serve the church in these administrative and practical matters. The church was delighted in this decision, and as a result the needs were met, and the Word of God continued to increase. What we see here is that when ministry gets messy, God gives qualified leaders and servants to protect the Church and continue Her mission. The practical care of deacons is essential to caring for the church and to helping the pastors stay focused on the ministry of the Word and their devotion to prayer.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Those chosen to serve as deacons were to be of “good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom”. Why is it important for deacons to have these characteristics?
  2. We see in this passage God caring for His Church by providing leaders and servants to nourish, protect, and guide His Church. How have you experienced God’s care for you through our Church?
  3. The needs of the widows were being overlooked in this passage. Is there a need of yours that your community group can help you with?
  4. Brian mentioned that servanthood is not the call of the leaders alone, but of anyone who is in Christ. How did these verses and this message compel you to serve others in our Church?