Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Marvel at the Mission"


These verses raise three important questions and provide awe-inspiring answers. First, why would God persuade us to know Him? God gets more glory by personally wooing us to Himself rather than simply decreeing salvation. Why would God love us? God loves us because He loves us—that’s who He is! Lastly, why would God send us to the world as his ambassadors? So that His almighty power to save might be displayed in our weakness.



  1. God chooses to lovingly persuade us instead of mechanically decreeing our salvation. How does this help you appreciate God’s work in your own conversion more?
  2. God’s love for us reflects His Triune nature—He is a bountiful God, always overflowing in love. How does this knowledge of God’s abounding love encourage you in a trial or challenge you are facing?
  3. Verse 14 says that “the love of Christ controls us”. What currently controls you as you pursue evangelism (i.e. fear, guilt, etc.)? How did this sermon help change your motivations for evangelism?
  4. In light of God’s love for us, who is one person you want to pray for and look for opportunities to persuade with the gospel this week?