Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The First Christians"

Overview of Sermon:

The gospel spreads to the Gentile community at Antioch. Barnabas encourages the newly formed Antioch church to remain faithful and recruits Paul to teach them sound doctrine. The Antioch believers embrace partnership in the gospel by sending a contribution to the Jerusalem believers. Ultimately, the Antioch believers are the first to be called “Christians” by a watching world. This name highlights their complete identification with Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Review v.19-23. How does the story of the Antioch church show us that the gospel is for everyone, not just Jews?
  2. Barnabas “saw the grace of God” in the Antioch church. What is one way you see God’s grace in our church?
  3. Paul spent a year teaching sound doctrine to the Antioch believers. How have you seen the importance of sound teaching in your life as a Christian?
  4. CJ quoted John Piper’s simple statement: “I love Jesus Christ.” What is one specific thing that you treasure and love about Jesus Christ?
  5. When nonbelievers look at your life, what are you known for? How can you grow in being known for your love for Jesus as you seek to share the gospel with others?