Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "The Privileged Identity of Sonship"


In Galatians 4:4-7, Paul describes how God has redeemed us through adoption. First, God sovereignly makes us children through Christ’s redeeming death. Second, adoption gives us an eternal inheritance and the privilege of being God’s blood relatives. In response to this adoption, we should gratefully enjoy and obey God.



  1. At the beginning of a new year, our resolutions reveal our search for identity. How does the fact of your adoption change your search for identity going into this year?
  2. Galatians 4:4 says that God sent his Son in “the fullness of time” which points to God’s sovereignty over every detail of history. How does the truth of God’s sovereignty encourage you in a trial that you are walking through?
  3. Caleb described adoption as God inviting us to his kitchen table. How does this picture change or challenge what you believe about God and his attitude towards you?
  4. This passage contains nothing about what we did and everything about what God did. How is this good news for your soul today?
  5. Caleb said that there is only one “family table” that can save us. Who is one nonbeliever in your life that you want to bring to the table with you?