Sermon Discussion Questions | "Subtle Signs of a Glorious Savior"

Jesus’ Patience:

CJ encouraged us to marvel at and take comfort from this passage, as it reveals God's patience with us. What is one specific example of God's patience toward you that you can point to? (It might be something long term - as you see God's forbearance over and over, or a more specific event).

Jesus’ Compassion:

Jesus' compassion is on display in this passage, despite the fact that people are more interested in Jesus' healing than in his teaching or himself. CJ asked a very pointed question: "Do you believe that Jesus has the same compassion toward you?" Where do you find that you struggle to believe that? Why do you think that might be? What do you do to fight for that faith?

Greatest Need:

Jesus' healings point to a far greater problem, which is the source of all disease and deformity: the reality of our sin before a holy God. Ultimately, this passage points us to how he met that greater need - by dying as our substitute, bearing the Father's wrath for our sin. Where is one area that you struggle to see this as your greatest need (i.e., what is one lesser need that distracts you from this greater need)? What can we do to prioritize in our minds and hearts what Jesus has done to meet our greatest need, especially as we face the lesser "needs" that can feel so much more pressing to us?


[by Josh Payne]