Sermon Discussion Questions | "Jesus' Mission and Ours"

Discussion Questions:

Engaging the Text:

In his sermon, Jeff briefly mentioned that the mission being described in Mark 6:6b-30 is the same mission that began in the Garden and continued throughout the Old Testament. This is an important insight. How would you describe God’s mission in the world in light of the entire narrative of Scripture, beginning in Genesis and concluding in Revelation? How does Mark 6:6b-30 find continuity within the larger story of Scripture?

Engaging our Faith:

In Mark 6:8-11 we are given descriptions of the minimal supplies that disciples were to take on their specific mission. From this, Jeff explained that these verses affirm two things that should characterize our task in God’s mission: (1) focus on Christ, and (2) trust in God’s sovereign provision. How do these two things challenge you as you consider your role and participation in God’s mission?

Engaging our Culture:

This passage shows that our task to proclaim the gospel takes place in a hostile world. How have you experienced opposition and hostility from others when trying to share the message of the gospel? How are currently trying to engage the culture and non-believers with the gospel? How does this passage encourage you in your evangelistic efforts?


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[by Andrew Preston]