Sermon Discussion Questions | "A Worker Approved"

1. In his sermon, Mack talked about passing on the gospel and entrusting it to faithful men. In what ways are you being a faithful witness to those around you? How are you entrusting the gospel to others?

2. When he was speaking about passing on the gospel Mack said, “The generation that is most responsible for the loss of the gospel is the generation that assumes the gospel.” What does the temptation to assume the gospel look like in your life? How can you resist this temptation?

3. The approved worker is someone who is “RIGHTLY (emphasis) handling the word of truth.” What are specific ways can we strive to do this in our study, proclamation, and application of the Word?

4. The passage concludes by reminding us that God’s foundation is firm. How does this truth inform the way we face opposition from the world?