Sermon Overview + Prayer: "The Drama of God's Glory"


"Exodus is the unforgettable story of the Israelites epic journey from captivity in Egypt to covenant with God at Mt. Sinai.  And their journey from slavery in Egypt to the land of promise is meant to inform our journey from captivity to sin to the heavenly city."
Father, as we as a church family journey through a fallen world to our heavenly home, fill us with faith and faithfulness. Keep us from wandering and waywardness. Empower us for endurance. Remind us of the glory that awaits us, that we might resist and refuse the allurements of this world. 

"So, may we never forget what we’ve learned about the character of God in Exodus... 'The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness, keeping steadfast love for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin…” Ex. 34:6-7.
“His steadfast love endures forever' is the most repeated sentence in all of Scripture. Remember, it’s an echo from Exodus. It’s meant to convince you of God’s loyal, unfailing love for you."
May your steadfast love, that endures forever, be the lens through which I view all of life. May blessings and prosperity point only to you. And may adversity, uncertainty, and suffering remind me of you; so that no matter what I face, the cross will always provide the unquestionable assurance of your love for me.

"All this points to the One who would 'dwell' or tabernacle among us according to John in the opening chapter of his Gospel. But we need more than for Him to simply dwell among us-we need His death in our place for our sins-the innocent for the guilty, the righteous for the unrighteous in order to bring us to God."
"Exodus points us to the greatest display of the glory of God in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for sinners like you and me."
Lord, remind me that no sin of mine is any less wicked and deserving of wrath than those of the Israelites.
Remind me that no effort of mine is never enough to atone for my sin. And remind me that a perfect mediator, sacrifice, and Savior has taken my place. And may that glorious gift of mercy and forgiveness compel me to holiness, and a life of worship, worthy of the gospel.

"Actually, though chapter 40 is the end of Exodus it’s not the end of the story and the implications of this scene are described in the next book-the book of Leviticus."
"And it will almost take the entirety of Leviticus to spell out the conditions for sinners to approach the Holy One-the necessity of a burnt offering without blemish-even for Moses."
Lord God, as I reflect on the bondage, the deliverance, the idolatry, and the mercy of Exodus, may I rehearse with wonder the story of my own deliverance. And may Leviticus provide a humbling and awesome reminder of every detail, every requirement, and every demand for which I should have been responsible, but could never ever satisfy. And flood my heart with the wonder that every demand of the law was perfectly fulfilled in the death and resurrection of your sinless Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


C.J. began his sermon by reviewing some of the significant events from the Exodus narrative. He described the Exodus as a journey from slavery to covenant that reflects the believer’s journey from sin to the heavenly city. God’s unchanging faithfulness in Exodus assures us of his continued steadfast love for his people. We then examined Exodus 35–40, which records the construction of the tabernacle and God’s descent to dwell among his people. C.J. explained that a level of separation was maintained despite God’s eagerness to dwell with his people; a chasm was needed between Israel’s sin and God’s holiness. However, God would make provision for their sin temporarily through the Levitical sacrificial system, which ultimately pointed to the complete and final sacrifice of Jesus Christ who tabernacled among us.


  1. How has this Exodus series grown your understanding of the character of God?
  2. How has the Exodus series informed your understanding of God’s relationship with his people? Have there been any aspects of it that have surprised you or affected the way you live out relationship with God daily?
  3. The Israelites didn’t have to anxiously look for right guidance. Rather, they rested, waited, and watched, as they kept their eyes on God. In what current struggle do you need to be reminded of this?
  4. C.J. said that the Exodus story points us to the gospel. What are some of the ways these specific verses from Sunday point us to Christ?