Sermon Discussion + Prayer: "Worth Remembering Again"

Overview of Sermon:
Exodus 19:1-6 is the heart of the book of Exodus as well as the entire Old Testament as God delivers the people of Israel and invites them into a covenant relationship. Israel was meant to perceive God’s tender and personal affection for them as his treasured possession. God saved Israel through his divine action alone and called them to gratefully serve and obey. However, the ultimate purpose of their salvation and ours is to draw us to God himself. Now, in the revealed person of Jesus Christ, we have something even better than what the Israelites experienced in the Exodus.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How has this passage informed your view of God’s ultimate purpose for our salvation?
  2. How has CJ’s sermon changed the way you think about the heart of the Old Testament? What does it mean for the heart of the OT to be primarily about covenant relationship instead of primarily about obedience to the Law?
  3. CJ said that God’s salvation was by “divine action alone” and “all of grace.” Who will you encourage with this truth over the next week?
  4. The primary purpose of our deliverance was to bring us to God himself. How will this inspire fresh obedience in your life this week? What area of your week will you intentionally and joyfully bring to God himself?
  5. What are some of the ways that Jesus Christ and his saving work are foreshadowed in the Exodus? What are some of the ways that he fulfills and surpasses the Exodus?

Praying the Passage:

Exodus 19:4 “You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.”
Father, please help me to recall, before you saved me, some of the ways that you sovereignly guided, protected, provided, and prepared me for my glorious deliverance from sin, to bring me to yourself.

Victor Hamilton – The phrase [“brought you to myself”] suggests God’s primary purpose is for that rapturous enjoyment of each other’s presence.”
CJ – This reminder of what God has done is meant to motivate them to gladly trust, obey and fear the one who delivered them and brought them to himself
Holy Spirit, remind me again and again of the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ, so that I am inspired and empowered to obey out of love and trust and gratitude, and not out of legalistic obligation.

Exodus 19:5 Now shall be my treasured possession among all peoples...6 and you shall be to me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.
CJ – These three titles summarize the blessings that an obedient covenant-keeping people will experience. Can there be a greater blessing given to an undeserving people than the title “His treasured possession?”
Father, show me some of the ways that I am receiving and enjoying these titles; and ways that I can, in turn, display the fruit of these titles to those around me – both to the saved and the unsaved.

Trent Hunter and Stephen Wellum – In Christ, an even greater exodus from slavery has occurred. In Christ, you and I experience an exodus more miraculous than Israel knew as she walked between walls of water.”
Lord, help me to more clearly see the former bondage of my sin, it’s consequences, and its deserved judgment. And further reveal to me the miracle of my deliverance from death, to the glory and blessings of being born again into new life and a new covenant with you!

CJ – And if you find yourself in the midst of trial and suffering this morning weary of heart and fearing the future-this passage is meant to remind and assure that He is the One who carries you on His divine wings.
Father, bear me up with the comfort, grace, assurance that, though living in a fallen world, you are always with me. And the wings that bear me up now are but a foretaste of the everlasting arms that will hold me through all eternity.