Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "A Sweet and Surprising Command for 2023"

Sermon Overview:

Christians are meant to long for the pure spiritual milk of God’s Word. The same Word that saved us now sanctifies us. In the Word, we taste God’s goodness, which will keep us coming back for more. To taste more of God’s goodness, we should have a time, plan, and place to read the Word. We should also seek to read slowly, be alert to the overall storyline of the Bible, and rely on God as we read.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Read v.2 again. Why is the command to “long for” God’s Word so surprising?
  2. In CJ’s words, “how would you assess your appetite for Holy Scripture?” If you find that you have not been longing for God’s Word, what else might be capturing your affection and attention?
  3. How have you tasted God’s goodness in His Word in the past?
  4. CJ listed six practices that can help us taste God’s goodness in His Word. Which one of these practices do you most want to grow in during 2023?
  5. How did God’s Word play a part in your conversion, and how can that encourage you to study the Word with the goal of using it in evangelism?