Resources on Jonah | Upcoming Sermon Series

You may remember the encouragement that CJ gave our church several weeks ago to pick a prophet to study. “As an example of suffering and patience, brothers, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord” James 5:10. Some of you may be able to resonate with my experience of leaving that message ready to choose a prophet and jump in – and then, well, you didn’t. Me either. Well let’s eliminate all guilt! Beginning this Sunday we can all have the opportunity to apply James 5:10 as we start a study of the book of Jonah! CJ often stresses how important it is to have one of the “smart guys” hold your hand in your study of Scripture. To that end, Jeff has suggested some resources to aid us in our coming study of one of the best known, but least understood, prophets in Scripture:

Man Overboard! The Story of Jonah by Sinclair B. Ferguson – this is a short (98 pages) devotional commentary from an author with an extraordinary track record of producing re-readable books and who CJ has said might be his favorite living author. Man Overboard! helps the reader grasp, benefit from, and apply the message of Jonah in a winsome and short (did I mention it was short?) way. Personal guarantee that this book will be filled with underlines, highlights, and dog-eared pages (if your conscience permits!) by the time you’re done.

Salvation Through Judgment and Mercy: The Gospel According to Jonah by Bryan Estelle – another manageable read (157 pages) that is a part of a series called The Gospel According to the Old Testament published by P & R which is designed specifically to help people see Christ in the Old Testament. This book will highlight the subtleties and literary artistry of this book while presenting it as a part of the unified story of redemption through Christ.

Salvation and Spirituality in the Book of Jonah by Daniel Timmer – this is a resource for the aspiring scholars and those looking for a much deeper analysis of the themes in Jonah and how they fit into a greater biblical theological grid. This book will unpack Jonah’s themes of mission, conversion, sovereignty, and evangelism and how they function for biblical theology.

One final resource that we can all bring to this study (that won’t cost a dime!) is this list of questions to ask ourselves after each sermon:

  • What does this text teach about God, his heart, and his purposes?
  • In light of James 4:10, what can I learn with regard to suffering and patience from this passage?
  • How does this passage help me see and cherish Christ more?
  • In what ways can I make applications from this passage to my home, work, and family?
  • How can my prayers be informed and directed by this passage?

Our prayer as a local church is that God would be glorified, Christ would be exalted, the Spirit would be active, the Church would be equipped, and the lost would be reached through this study of Jonah!

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