A Theology of Work | Resources

Last Sunday Jeff inspired us with a thoroughly biblical vision on work. Whether you are a student, stay at home mom, or heading into the office, this message will serve you.

To help us further "sanctify" this ordinary part of life, CJ asked Jeff to recommend 3 books that we could benefit from. Here's his list along with a brief description of why each is worth a read. 

1. Every Good Endeavor, Tim Keller. A thorough overview of work from a biblical perspective, exploring its significance, sin’s effects on work, how God uses work in our lives, and the difference the gospel makes in our work.

2. God at Work, Gene Edward Veith, Jr. A clear, brief overview of the doctrine of vocation, and the nature of God’s call to us in various dimensions of life, including work.

3. The Gospel at Work, Sebastian Traeger & Greg Gilbert. A short, practical book on work and how the gospel transforms us. The second half of the book provides very practical advice on issues such as choosing a job, balancing our work life, sharing the gospel at work, and more.