Sermon Quotes: "No Ordinary King"

 “At the close of chapter 10, what do we see? The infestation of human pride like a vast forest cut down. God swings his axe, and the whole evil system falls. Bare stumps as far as the eye can see. No branches waving in the wind, no birds, no life, no movement, no sound. The world is dead. But wait. Something new appears.” -Ray Ortlund Jr.

“Here is a king in whose hands the concerns of the weakest will be safe.” -John Oswalt

“It is a commonplace of literary criticism that comedy rather than tragedy is the dominant narrative of the Bible and the Christian gospel. The overall shape of the biblical story is that of a U-shaped comedy plot. The story begins with the creation of a perfect world. It descends into the tragedy of a fallen human history. It ends with a new world of total happiness and victory over evil.” -Leland Ryken