Preparing for Suffering | C.J. Mahaney

Over the past several weeks, CJ has led our church to look to our God and Savior in our grief. A few weeks ago, in his message from Habakkuk, he specifically explored how we, as christians, should respond when life doesn't make sense. Suffering is a reality in our fallen world. Everyone will, at some point in their lives, experience it. But not everyone will be prepared for it. In a recent post on his blog CJ's View from the Cheap Seats, CJ shared a list of books to help people prepare for suffering. In it he says, "We all need a theology of suffering prior to suffering that will sustain us when—not if—we suffer."

We pray that this list will serve you. May these books prepare and point you to the Savior who sustains.

Here is the link: My Favorite Books to Prepare for Suffering