Praying Together | 3.25

Prayer Points

March 24, 2020

Praise God that through Christ he has saved us from death and that his kingdom is unshakeable and not of this earth (Heb. 12:28).

Pray that God would work the message of Habakkuk into our hearts, and that Sunday’s sermon would help us to further trust in God, wait on God, and rejoice in God. 

Praise God for his sovereign control over all things and that not one bird on this earth can fall to the ground without him knowing it (Matt. 10:29).

Pray for our brothers and sisters in nations that are currently bearing the brunt of this pandemic: China, Italy, Spain, and Iran. Ask for grace, protection, provision, and spiritual fruitfulness amidst the crisis. 

Ask that God would use our churches in the United States to be a light on a hill for those looking for hope during this pandemic.

Pray for opportunities for evangelism with friends, neighbors, family, etc.

Pray that God would bless the church plant preparations for Trinity Fellowship Church in Ethiopia—especially, (a) that He would build a solid core team of Ethiopians and (b) that He would provide financially for the Pannell’s and the Thomas’ as they desire to join their team. Pray for wisdom and protection for the Grangers as Ethiopia begins to wrestle with the difficulties of the Coronavirus.

Pray that parents will continue to teach their children that our greatest treasure cannot rust, be stolen, or get infected, but that our greatest treasure is in heaven (Matt 6:20). 

Pray that our Livestream would be rich and profitable for our church over the next few weeks.

Pray for those struggling financially or whose jobs or livelihoods are endangered: that God would faithfully provide for all their needs, and that their confidence would be in the Lord (Jer. 8:6).

Pray that God would continue to provide financially for our church during this season.

Ask God to bless and provide for our students and teachers who have had to reorient their plans for the semester. Give them peace that only can come from you, and grace for how to do classes online.

Pray for those that are in any way enduring sickness. May they walk wisely, safely, and with appropriate guidance and care, recover quickly.

Pray for those, whether sick or healthy, fighting fear and worry. Ask that the Lord would provide wise counsel, and the truth of his Word, to keep them in peace.