Sermon Discussion + Prayer: "A Worrier's Guide to the Pandemic"

Peter helps us to discern the true cause of our anxiety and apply the biblical remedy so we can find peace. C.J. addressed how external circumstances were the occasion for the original audience’s anxieties but not the cause, namely pride. God opposes the proud but encourages us that he gives grace to the humble. This humility is the acknowledgement of one’s need for grace and one’s inability to carry anxiety. C.J. explained that casting this anxiety on Christ is a decisive act done in prayer. It is an intentional transfer with the knowledge that he cares for you deeper than you will ever comprehend. We have assurance of God’s care for us when we look to the cross.


  1. Ed Welch states, “Worry is a stealth sin. It doesn’t feel like sin.” How was your heart moved towards grace-filled conviction has you listened to C.J. preach through these verses?
  2. Anxiety is a crushing burden we were never intended to carry. As C.J. asked, what does your balance sheet look like? Are you carrying more than you are casting? What are some practical steps you can take daily to evaluate your balance sheet
  3. How does God’s deepest care for your concerns shape your understanding of God’s character?
  4. C.J. connected Peter’s reference to the mighty hand of God to the Exodus narrative. How does the Exodus story provide us with a foundation for casting our cares on the Lord?
  5. How can you use the truths in these verses to persuade unbelievers of the burden-lifting, grace-giving, name of Jesus Christ in the midst of this pandemic?


1 Peter 5:6  "Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you." 

Praise God that his mighty hand can do all things! God cares deeply about what worries you, so ask the Lord to help us believe this in faith.

“Worry constitutes pride since it denies the care of a sovereign God.”
-Thomas Schreiner
Lord, help me to humble myself by declaring that no circumstance or power are greater than your perfect love and care for me.

The ultimate display of God’s love and care are found at Calvary.
Lord, when I am tempted to question your love and care for me because of what I don’t see, turn my eyes and my heart to what I can see...the cross of Calvary.

Worries are visionaries minus the optimism.
Lord, when I am tempted to fear, worry, and be anxious about the future, please convict me of leaving you out, and please remind me that you are (always) there.

The week, month, and year ahead will be filled with temptations to be anxious; and anxiety is a bully. It cannot be reasoned with.
Lord, help me to be humbly faithful in matters I can attend to; and help me to humbly cast all care, worry, and anxiety on you, trusting in you, because I am never in control in the first place...but you always are!