2018 Pastors Conference






Two weeks ago, we had the privilege of sending several of our pastors, members, and PC students to the Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference in Florida. From the faithful sermons (speakers including our very own CJ, Jeff, and Bob), to the passionate worship, the Pastors Conference is always a highlight of our year!

 The theme of the 2018 Pastors Conference was “Servants for Jesus’ Sake” inspired by 2 Corinthians 4:5 “For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” This Conference was a reminder to all who attended of how kind God has been to our family of churches to work such gospel-centered joy, humility, and love in the lives of Sovereign Grace pastors, wives, and members–all for the glory of Jesus.

 We received many highlights from the conference including worship, CJ’s sermon on Titus 2, Rick Gamache’s sermon on Philippians 4, bilingual time of singing, the Asia-Pacific-Africa Region Pre-conference led by Dave Taylor, and of course...catching up with Michael Granger! Though there were many encouraging reports from the Pastors Conference, what follows is a reflection from one of our PC students that we wanted to pass on:

 “This conference gave me a clear picture of pastors who gather not to fraternize, not to simply ‘get away’ from the demands of ministry, or to promote themselves to others. They come together so they can return. They come together to gain wisdom useful for their own churches. They come to take part in leading Sovereign Grace Churches as a whole according to the Word of truth.  They come to be refreshed for the sake of those they serve. They come humbly to learn, to make much of Christ with their voices and their fellowship, and they come so they can serve us better. It was a clear picture indeed: a picture of Christ high, lifted up, and called upon by his sons and daughters.

  • Whether we know it or not, every person in a Sovereign Grace Church benefits from this conference.
  • Jesus has appointed shepherds to tend his precious flock, to care or his Bride, and these men take both their responsibility, their inherent weakness, and the joy of their shepherding/caring work seriously because their salvation in Christ means everything to them.
  • The unity and mutual joy among Sovereign Grace Pastors from around the world is humbling and compelling.
  • It was a privilege to watch the joy and vibrance of weary pastors be restored through God’s Word preached to THEM.”

 -Cale Benefield | 2018 PC Student



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