Our Summer Study

MackStilesEvangelismI’m so grateful that we have the opportunity this summer as community groups to study Mack Stiles' book, Evangelism. I know few things intimidate a believer (uh, me!) more than the fears that accompany sharing the gospel. And excuses to avoid evangelism never seem far away. But as believers, we are not only saved from our sins. We are saved into mission. And there is no other message that carries the power to rescue sinners and transform people from spiritual death to life. What a message. What a mission.

Stiles’ book inspires. His book equips. And his book reminds us that we are not meant to go it alone. God intends a culture of evangelism to emerge within Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. May stories abound of faithful sharing, sinners rescued, and the spread of Christ’s honor. Enjoy your reading and discussions!