Membership Covenant Part I | A Redeemed Community

This is an exciting time for Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville! In April we have the privilege of welcoming new members into our church community! With that in mind, the blog will feature an excerpt from our membership covenant several times over the next few weeks. From the newest of members to those who have been members for many years, this can serve as an encouragement and a reminder of all that God has called us to as a redeemed community.

Membership Covenant

Having been brought by God’s sovereign grace to repent and believe in the good news of Jesus Christ and his saving work, and having been baptized upon our profession of faith, we do now, relying on His grace, solemnly and joyfully affirm our covenant with each other.

We will pray and labor to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, devoted to the glory of God, resting in the gospel of his Son, and dependent upon the work of the Holy Spirit.

To that end,

We will not forsake assembling together, but will faithfully attend our corporate worship, treasuring our church’s weekly opportunity to sing, pray, and receive the whole counsel of God’s Word. We will defend and maintain a gospel-centered ministry by upholding and attending to biblical preaching, the administration of the sacraments, and the exercise of church discipline.

[check back next week for the remainder of the membership covenant]


[if you're eager to read the rest, you can find it in its entirety here]