Important SGKids Details

We hope this video helped answer a few of your questions about our new building. Here are a couple quick reminders before our first Sunday:

  • Our SGKids classrooms are ready for you including our new “Family Room” where you can take fussy or talkative infants during the service. Please use the room as soon as possible when your infant or child becomes restless or begins to fuss. 
  • In order for our volunteers to join us for the first portion of the meeting this Sunday, the K-5th kids will remain in the service for the entire meeting this week. In addition, our younger classrooms will only be open during the sermon. You can still check your kids in and get their security tag before the meeting begins. Then, when the announcements have finished, Brian will release parents to take their younger children to class. Next week, we'll be back to normal!
  • Moms! If you are feeding your baby, we have a Mom and Baby Room available for you upstairs. Please use this while feeding your baby and use the Family Room for other purposes. 
  • There is a baby changing station in the family bathroom near the SGKids check-in station. 
  • For safety and security reasons our upstairs area is completely off-limits for children. Parents, please ensure that your children remain with you and in the main auditorium when they are not in SGKids custody.