His Mercy Is More | Poem on Isaiah 1


 A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to sit under the preaching of Jared Mellinger, Senior Pastor of Covenant Fellowship Church in Pennsylvania. During his study of Isaiah 1, Jared felt the theme of biblical justice weighing on his soul and desired to write a response. What follows is a brief poem which Jared shared in his sermon, His Mercy Is More:

 God of Majesty! You made us
in your image, gave us worth.
You give life to all, you wove us
in the womb before our birth.
Male and female you created,
complementary wisdom shines.
From one man made every nation
and the colors of mankind.

God of Justice! We the creature
Sinned against you, turned aside.
Ignoring justice, ran from reason,
From our guilt we cannot hide.
Orphans and widows are in distress
But the mighty close their hands.
Pre-born life is put to death
And racism stains the land.

God of Grace! In your great love,
You sent your Son to be our peace
To die the death that we deserve
And make oppression cease.
Our Savior broke the hostile wall
The two have been made one.
Mercy is granted, the lame are dancing,
The Kingdom of God has come!

God of Hope! You won’t abandon
the world your hands have made.
The Christ who’s making all things new,
On a warhorse comes to reign.
Then Babylon falls and babies rise
and the Bride is without stain
Then every nation and tribe will say,
“Praise be to the Lamb once slain!”

 We are thankful for faithful brothers and partners in the gospel like Jared. While we praise God for his commitment to justice and mercy, let us also remember to thank God for His grace in the lives of our brothers and sisters at Covenant Fellowship Church.

Please pray...

  • For Redeemer Fellowship Church, the church they planted in Newark, DE in August, led by Joel Shorey
  • For Jared Torrence as he continues training for pastoral ministry and pursues ordination
  • For their current sermon series in Isaiah, that God would use it to help them behold His glory
  • For Mark Prater as he leads Sovereign Grace Churches and for Doug Hayes as he leads Covenant Mercies