Headed to South Africa

Yesterday, I boarded a plane from Louisville to Atlanta, where I boarded another plane that would take me the 17 hours to Johannesburg, South Africa. That's right. 17 hours.

I have the privilege of leading the music for numerous conferences that are part of the Rezolution event. CJ will also be participating, along with Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, and Kevin DeYoung.

The Rezolution website states that REZ was launched in 2010 with the unforgettable preaching of John Piper and Conrad Mbewe, along with the music ministry of Stuart Townend. The heart of REZOLUTION is a weekend conference in Gauteng aimed at young adults but open to all – centred around expository preaching, God-centred worship with the REZ Band & Choir, and rich gospel fellowship (plus a great book table!). All of this is rooted in the deep heritage of Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening in the 1750s. Edwards was a 19 yr. old who was RESOLVED to live for God’s glory, and God used him to see tens of thousands brought to Christ and countless churches revived, strengthened, and planted.

The first part of next week we'll be in Capetown and Durban, and the latter part will be in Johannesburg.

I'm sharing this for three reasons.

First, to elicit prayer for our time there. Conferences come and go, but the word of the Lord lasts forever. Please pray that God's Word, both in preaching and in song, would pierce hearts, bring conviction and hope, cause dead souls to come to life through the gospel, and build the church. Pray for safety, strength, health, and fruitfulness for the Savior's glory.

Second, I wanted you all to know that when any one of your pastors goes on a trip, we go with the people of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville in our hearts. Even though we're a young church, God has already begun knitting us together by his Spirit. The fellowship we enjoy is sweet and sustaining. Which makes separation, even when it's brief, painful. You will be in our hearts, minds, and prayers.

Third, I wanted you to be aware how much of a statement you'll be making in South Africa, even though you're not there. We go as ambassadors of this local church, knowing that we have people not only praying for us back home, but people who are seeking to live out, however imperfectly, the truths we're proclaiming and sharing. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for your examples of selfless servanthood. Thank you for being here to come back to and live life with.

See you in two weeks.