Gospel Partnership

Recently our church had the joy of hosting nearly 20 men from Canada as well as Winona Lake, Indiana and Buffalo, New York. The idea for this trip originated with Tim Kerr, our good friend and the pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Toronto. Tim brought his friends, many of whom are pastors, to Louisville to learn from our church. It was humbling to spend time with them, to encounter their passion for the Savior, and to know that many came from churches larger than ours.

The entire weekend served as a reminder of the privilege we have as Christians to unite in partnership around the gospel. As we studied God’s word and shared meals together, we discussed the priorities that inform church life. We found ourselves bonding over the truths that are most precious: the sovereignty of God, the glory of the gospel, and the priority of the local church. Only the gospel can bring together men from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities and cause them to unite in doctrine and heart so quickly.

Tim, thanks for initiating this most meaningful weekend. Thanks to all who came with you and the sacrifices made to share the joy of gospel partnership. You came to learn but we were the ones most affected. Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville, thanks for your warm reception of these dear brothers.