Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Goodness & Severity"

Luke helps us see how both the goodness of God and the severity of God are necessary for understanding the character of God’s revealed nature. First, we observe the unity, care, and generosity of the church through the example of Barnabas’ sacrificial giving in response to the gospel. This contrasted with the story of Ananias and Sapphira, who experienced God’s divine judgment for their deception and disbelief in God’s omniscience. This account is meant to cause us to reflect on our own souls, express gratefulness for God’s mercy, and motivate us towards holiness.


  1. What were your initial reactions as you read through these verses? How did this sermon provide clarity to your initial reaction?
  2. Barnabas responded to the gospel with generosity while Ananias responded with self-preservation and deceit. How do these two examples help you think through your own response to the gospel in different settings?
  3. What ways can a community group help encourage each other against attempting to represent themselves as spiritual for self-promotion?
  4. How can we test our motives when we are participating or engaging in spiritual acts that may be seen by others?