Don’t Let Your Fathering Stop After Fathers Day

What a delightful Fathers Day we enjoyed together as a church yesterday. Who didn't feel the pleasure of God as McKenna Sturgeon honored her father? And thanks to Bethany Payne for the creation of the very cool and very masculine gift honoring fathers yesterday: duct tape and a Snickers bar! Exactly what real men want on Father's Day! I'm sure every father felt deeply thanked and honored!

But after the appropriate honoring of fathers yesterday the important, hard work of fathering continues today. No days off. And I need fresh motivation today and fresh reminders of the difference godly fatherhood can make. I'm thinking you do as well.

Joe Rigney's fine article "Be the Smile of God to Your Children" has served me in this regard. His counsel for fathers is theologically rich and practically helpful. I reread this article monthly to be reminded of sentences like these, "God is fundamentally a Happy Father, a Well-Pleased Parent. And just as the Father communicates his delight in his Son through his words and deeds and demeanor and presence so also should we." Good stuff. Serves me and provokes me as a father and grandfather and reminds me that through my apportion in Christ, I enjoy the benevolent smile of my Heavenly Father.

May our children observe and experience happy fathers, the day after Father's Day.