Sermon Overview & Discussion Questions: "Confessing Our Sins"

Overview of Sermon:
This text shows a need for confession, warning Christians not to imagine they are now
without sin or to make a habit of brushing off sin. John first draws our attention to consider the holiness of God. In His light we better understand our sinfulness and our need for God's cleansing righteousness which comes through our confession of sin. Our confession does not justify us, but it keeps us walking in the light of the fellowship of God and his people. With confession we turn to the great Advocate of the Christian–Christ Jesus, who is continually interceding for us at the right hand of God.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Mr. Hudson said "People cannot know God until they know themselves and they cannot know themselves until they know God." How have you seen this proved in your life?
  2. Mr. Hudson gave us many ways people avoid confessing sin ( justify, excuse, hide, shrug off, etc). What is a tendency of which you were convicted?
  3. In confession we have a sure hope that God will cleanse us and that he has already
    accepted Christ's payment for all of our sins. How does this truth provoke you to confess your sin?
  4. God’s forgiveness through the gospel of Jesus Christ is ready and available to all who will believe. How does God’s eagerness to forgive spur you toward sharing the gospel with non-Christians in your life?