Church Plant Highlight | Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana featured
As we persevere by faith through this pandemic, let’s be strengthened today by the promise of our Lord, “I will build my church.”  No uncertainty, or calamity or quarantine can call this into question.
Sovereign Grace, our family and denomination of churches, exists to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by planting and strengthening churches throughout the world for the glory of God. Here is our first quarter Sovereign Grace Mission Video which highlights our church plant in Santa Ana, CA led by Kyle Houlton—a graduate of the Pastors College in 2014.
This video is introduced by our recently appointed Director of Church Planting, Eric Turbedsky (Sr. Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Orange, CA). Eric’s vision for church planting and Kyle’s faith to plant in Santa Ana will stir your faith for our gospel mission.