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Praying Together | 3.25

Prayer Points March 24, 2020 Praise God that through Christ he has saved us from death and that his kingdom is unshakeable and not of this earth (Heb. 12:28). Pray that God would work the message of Habakkuk into our hearts, and that Sunday's sermon would help us to further trust in God, wait on God, and rejoice in God. Praise God for his sovereign control over all thi...

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Sermon Summary: "A Prophet for a Prolonged Pandemic"

In the book of Habakkuk, the prophet cries out to God; lamenting the nation's apostasy and that the wicked were afflicting the righteous. Far from sitting idly by, God informs Habakkuk that He is aware and is using the Babylonias to punish Israel. The Lord assures him that the righteous will continue to live by faith, and the Babylonians will surely be judged for their own...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Prophet for a Prolonged Pandemic"

3.22.20 featured

"The Bible never says, 'God is wrath.' We must provoke him to wrath. But we need not provoke him to love, for that is his glorious name." Ray Ortlund Jr. "God is at work in the worst of times. He is at work doing a thousand things no one can see but him." John Piper "The most beautiful spirit of submission found anywhere in Scripture." O. Palmer Robertson "Habakkuk reso...

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Dwell Bible App

Dear Church Family, Numerous SGCL members have appreciated listening to the Dwell Bible app to take in more of God's Word during their commute or other daily routines. Dwell has generously offered free 60-day subscriptions to local churches and their members, via the church's accountno strings attachedas a way to experience the comfort of God's word in these uncertain da...

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Day of Prayer | COVID-19

Prayer COVID featured

Today our family of churches is setting apart time for extended prayer related to COVID-19. We hope you'll join us. Allow these prayer points to assist you in going before our generous heavenly Father to pray. ...

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Sermon Summary: "Peace in a Pandemic"

Psalm 121 addresses how we can trust in God when what we take for granted is jeopardized. It also tackles our anxieties by asking where we are looking for help and comfort in the midst of our fear. This Psalm assures us that the Lord is our constant personal keeper who will be our help and protection. Rather than teaching that we will not face hardship and suffering, this ...

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Songs to Sing in a Pandemic | Bob Kauflin

Songs Featured

In his excellent article, "Anxiety, Waiting and the Coronavirus," Alasdair Groves reminds us of the unique kind of trial the current worldwide pandemic presents to us. We're tempted to experience a "particular strain of anxiety that comes when we are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface." In other words, we know something bad i...

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Praying Together | 3.17

Sovereign Grace Church of LouisvillePrayer Points | March 17, 2020 Praise God that through Christ he has saved us from our sin and brought us to himself. Thank God that His kingdom is unshakeable and not of this earth (Heb. 12:28). Praise God for his sovereign control over all things and that not one bird on this earth can fall to the ground without him knowing it ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Peace in a Pandemic"

"The coronavirus provides us with an opportunity to think about how we respond to anxiety. Specifically, how can we handle the particular strain of anxiety that comes when you are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface. Thankfully, Scripture knows the fear of impending danger intimately and speaks to it repeatedly. So let's seize ...

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Resources to Equip and Steady the Soul

No doubt you are trying to figure out how to faithfully and prayerfully respond to the coronavirus and its implications for daily life. Though we have decided to take the careful step of exchanging our Sunday meeting for a livestream, we will not diminish our pastoral care nor our encouragement for you to walk alongside one another. One way we want to express care is by o...

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