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Sermon Quotes: "Worth Remembering Again"

"Within the context of Exodus this section provides an exceptionally important introduction to all that will take place in the rest of the bookVerses 1-2 set the scene chronologically and geographically for the events that will be narrated in the rest of Exodus, God's speech to Moses in verses 4-6 sets the scene theologically for the covenant that will be formally ratified...

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Sermon Discussion + Prayer: "Worth Remembering Again"

Overview of Sermon:Exodus 19:1-6 is the heart of the book of Exodus as well as the entire Old Testament as God delivers the people of Israel and invites them into a covenant relationship. Israel was meant to perceive God's tender and personal affection for them as his treasured possession. God saved Israel through his divine action alone and called them to gratefully serve...

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Sermon Quotes: "To the End of the Earth"

"It was the explicit aim of Jesus, in his earthly ministry, to save and gather a people of God not defined by any one race or ethnicity, or any political banner, but rather defined by faith in himself as the only Savior, absolute Lord, and supreme Treasure. Thus his mission was, among other glorious things, the end of ethnocentrism." John Piper "in Jerusalem and in all Ju...

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Sermon Discussion + Prayer: "To the End of the Earth"

Acts 8:26-40 marks a significant moment in salvation history, when the gospel crosses into the gentile world and begins to go to the ends of the earth. This expansion begins with a eunuch, a God-fearer, a foreigner, and one who is hungry for the Word of God. C.J. used this passage to explain how a biblical worldview is a multiethnic worldview. The salvation of this Ethiopi...

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Sermon Quotes: "Extending the Borders of Our Neighborhood"

"There is a political or social dimension to Christianity which is simply inescapable. But, Christians should think through all things-including the nature of social or political reality-in explicitly scriptural categories." Brad Green "A Samaritan was just about the last person that anyone in Israel would expect to stop and help. In centuries past the Samaritans had defi...

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Sermon Discussion + Prayer: "Extending the Borders of Our Neighborhood"

The story of the Good Samaritan gives us "explicitly Scriptural categories" for how to love our neighbors. Jesus' parable reminds us of our own need for mercy as no one is justified before God. Jesus calls us to be godly neighbors especially to those we may normally overlook. Also, we are commissioned to extend "our neighborhood" through national and ethnic barriers just a...

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Sermon Discussion + Prayer: "An End to Hostility

Division is the story of our world beginning in Genesis 3. Every social and political institution, consisting of fallen mankind, will fail at bringing ultimate unity between peoples. But God, being rich in mercy, has acted to bring about ultimate reconciliation in the person and work of His Son, Jesus Christ. In this passage, Paul calls the church to remember that Christ h...

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Sermon Quotes: "An End to Hostility"

"with all humility and gentleness, with patience bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." Eph. 4:2-3 "The portrait of the peacemaking Christ." John Stott "Keep in mind that the divide between Jews and Gentiles was not small or simple or shallow. It was huge and complex and deep. It was as intractable as any ethnic...

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Sermon Discussion + Prayer: "In His Image"

In a tumultuous season of conflict, we turn to Genesis chapter one where we join with the heavenly hosts and observe God's plan and design for humanity. This passage shows a biblical worldview on how those in a majority culture should view and relate to those who make up a minority in our country. As we look at these verses, we find what it means to be made in the image of...

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Thoughts from Ezekiel | Jeff Purswell

On Sunday, Jeff exhorted us from Ezekiel 11 to remember God's promise of a new spirit and encouraged us to turn to Christ when we sin, when we are fearful, when we are wayward. Listen again and be encouraged....

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