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Songs to Sing in a Pandemic | Bob Kauflin

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In his excellent article, "Anxiety, Waiting and the Coronavirus," Alasdair Groves reminds us of the unique kind of trial the current worldwide pandemic presents to us. We're tempted to experience a "particular strain of anxiety that comes when we are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface." In other words, we know something bad i...

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Praying Together | 3.17

Sovereign Grace Church of LouisvillePrayer Points | March 17, 2020 Praise God that through Christ he has saved us from our sin and brought us to himself. Thank God that His kingdom is unshakeable and not of this earth (Heb. 12:28). Praise God for his sovereign control over all things and that not one bird on this earth can fall to the ground without him knowing it ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Peace in a Pandemic"

"The coronavirus provides us with an opportunity to think about how we respond to anxiety. Specifically, how can we handle the particular strain of anxiety that comes when you are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface. Thankfully, Scripture knows the fear of impending danger intimately and speaks to it repeatedly. So let's seize ...

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Resources to Equip and Steady the Soul

No doubt you are trying to figure out how to faithfully and prayerfully respond to the coronavirus and its implications for daily life. Though we have decided to take the careful step of exchanging our Sunday meeting for a livestream, we will not diminish our pastoral care nor our encouragement for you to walk alongside one another. One way we want to express care is by o...

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Sunday Service Livestream

In God's kindness, through the gift of technology, we have an opportunity to meet tomorrow. Obviously our preferred context is to gather face-to-face, but it is nevertheless a gift to gather as a church via livestream to sing and enjoy the preaching of God's word. We will be using YouTube to livestream. Below are the details for how it will all work. If you have any quest...

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Coronavirus Update

Thank you for your ongoing prayers, thoughts, and support as we process the developments and local impact related to the coronavirus and as we prayerfully determine the most effective way to care for our dear church. We want to provide you with some information related to our upcoming schedule of meetings. We also have a special request for your help and prayers for our st...

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Sermon Quotes: "Simply Spectacular"

"Is there a grander and yet more overlooked biblical theme than the glory of God? God's glory appears in every major part of the Bible and affects every major doctrine. It is also notoriously hard to define. In general, God's glory is the magnificence, loveliness, beauty and grandeur of his perfections. Sometimes, the glory of God designates God himself. More often, glory ...

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Sermon Summary: "Simply Spectacular"

In Exodus 24:12-18, God's glory comes down and rests on Mount Sinai as a cloud and as a devouring fire. God summons Moses up into the cloud; a gracious invitation that Moses and the people did not deserve. However, even as God's appointed mediator, Moses spends six days preparing his heart for the imminent encounter. Through this meeting, God prepares his people for when h...

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Sermon Summary: "Solemn and Sublime"

Each text in the Bible has both a meaning and a tone and a sermon should capture both. Our passage begins with a solemn ceremony and ends with a sublime meeting with God. In verses 3 through 8, we see the people of Israel are bound by the book and the blood. It's a solemn moment. Then, in verses 9 through 11, we see an amazing scene where God appears to Moses and the elder...

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Sermon Quotes: "Solemn and Sublime"

"The ceremony itself was so vivid and extraordinary as to be memorable, and its memory was intended to keep in the consciousness of the people the fact that God had joined with the people of Israel in a formal, official covenant to which both he and they were bound by oath." Douglas Stuart "God is always busy handing out invitations to his feast. Every time the gospel is ...

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