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A Theology of Work | Resources

Last Sunday Jeff inspired us with a thoroughly biblical vision on work. Whether you are a student, stay at home mom, or heading into the office, this message will serve you. To help us further "sanctify" this ordinary part of life, CJ asked Jeff to recommend 3 books that we could benefit from. Here's his list along with a brief description of why each is worth a read. 1....

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Weekly Devotional: "Work"

This devotional is based on Jeff Purswell's sermon, Work, given on August 21, 2016. Day 1: Our work glorifies God Quotes: "Our work, our jobs, our careers, the tasks to which God has called us, they are not a diversion from serving God. They are serving God!" Jeff Purswell Questions and Reflections: What emotions and thoughts characterize your response to work...

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The Gospel at Work | Jeff Purswell | October Sunday Class

Last Sunday, Jeff Purswell taught the first session of our October Sunday Class, The Gospel at Work. In this teaching, Jeff introduced the idea that scripture's perspective transforms our view of work from a necessary evil into a noble, attractive, motivating opportunity to bring God glory in our lives. He continued by stressing that work is a primary way that we imitate G...

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