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Sermon Quotes: "The Masterclass on Prayer"

"How we pray is as important a question as we can ever face. This prayer is a pattern for all Christian praying. Jesus is teaching that prayer will be acceptable when, and only when, the attitudes, thoughts, and desires expressed fit the pattern. That is to say: every prayer of ours should be a praying of the Lord's Prayer in some shape or formWe never get beyond this pray...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Invocation of Prayer"

"The Lord's Prayer may be the single set of words spoken more often than any other in the history of the world. Jesus Christ gave it to us as the key to unlock all the riches of prayer. Yet it is an untapped resource, partly because it is so familiar." Tim Keller "When Jesus taught his disciples to pray in this fashion, he was addressing men who were already convinced of ...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Commandment With A Promise"

The Bible has a deep revulsion to this kind of disrespect, treating it with a kind of horror. When I was a youth pastor, I once took my high school students through the Biblical passages that deal with disobedience to parents. Not surprisingly, by the time I finished reading these passages, the kids in my youth group were very quiet. Like most young people, they had always...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Best Day of the Week"

"Whatever it does to help people recuperate from being physically tired, this is incidental not primary." Douglas Stuart "Jesus was not abolishing the canonical authority of the Old Testament but correctly orienting it to terminate in his own authority. D.A. Carson explains that 'the OT's real and abiding authority must be understood through the person and teaching of him...

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Sermon Quotes: "Our Jealous God"

"'The jealous God'-doesn't it sound offensive? For we know jealousy, the green-eyed monster as a vice, one of the most cancerous soul-destroying vices that there is; whereas God, we are sure is perfectly good. How, then, could anyone ever imagine that jealousy is found in him? God's perfections are matter for praise-but how can we praise God for being jealous?" J.I. Packer...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Reunion in the Wilderness"

"In some ways, the account is surprising. Major administrative structures are being put into place among the covenant community without any word from God.Why is Jethro, at best on the fringes of the covenant people, allowed toplaysuch an extraordinary role as counselor andconfidant of Moses?The questions answer themselves. God may use the means of'common grace' to instruct...

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Sermon Quotes: "Impending Justice"

"God's foreknowledge told him that he would stretch out his hand only to meet mighty resistance but, plainly he was in no hurry to implement the final showdown he foresaw (3:19-20). As 2 Peter 3:9 says, 'The Lord is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance'-Pharaoh included. But eventually the Lord's patience comes to an end for he...

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Sermon Quotes | "Divine Reassurance"

"Pharaoh's heart was particularly important because Egyptians believed it was the all-controlling factor in both history and societyhis heart was thought to be sovereign over creation. Therefore by hardening Pharaoh's heart, God was making a theological point. He was proving that he alone is sovereign over all things. Nothing is outside the purpose of his will, not even th...

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Sermon Quotes | "A Word to Young Men"

"Man may talk of self-control, as if the reins were in his own hand. But he who has been 'born of the Spirit,' and taught 'to know the plague of his own heart,' is made to feel, that effective self-control is divine grace, not his own native powerHave not repeated defeats taught us the need of calling in better strength than our own?" Charles Bridges "Spiritual leaders ru...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Deadly Danger of False Teaching"

"They are plunging those influenced into spiritual turmoil by overturning their previous convictions." Andreas Kostenberger "The implication of this verse is that these teachers had been requiring observance of rules concerning ritual purity, probably restricting the eating of some foods (1 Tim. 4:3-5); the basis for such views is not stated, but Paul's response and the J...

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Sermon Quotes | "A Healthy Church"

"People often ask me what I think is the secret to Grace Community Church's development over the past twenty-six years. I always point out first of all, that God sovereignly determines the membership of a church, and numbers alone are no gauge of spiritual success. In the midst of tremendous numerical growth, however, the spiritual vitality of our church has been remarkabl...

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Sermon Quotes | "Zealous: Living to Commend the Gospel"

"This is a short epistle, but a model of Christian doctrine, in which is comprehended in a masterful way all that is necessary for a Christian to know and live." Martin Luther "Titus was the man for a tough assignment. There are two kinds of peoplepeople who can make a bad situation worse, and people who can bring order out of chaos. Titus was the man to send where there ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Sovereign Grace"

"The subject of predestination, which in itself is attended by considerable difficulty, is rendered very perplexed, and hence perilous, by human curiosity, which cannot be restrained from wandering into forbidden paths. Let it, therefore, be our first principle that to desire any other knowledge of predestination than that which is expounded by the word of God, is no less ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Resist Your Adversary"

"Worry is condemned, but watchfulness is demanded." Edmond Hiebert "One of the most dangerous things in the world would be to think that we are not in any danger, which is the mistake Peter made." Phil Ryken "Satan cannot ultimately destroy a Christian believer. But he is well able to destroy our assurance and our joy-our pleasure in the gospel. So we need to find in the...

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Sermon Quotes: "The End of the World"

"The end of all things is not a veiled phrase that means 'the last moment of each of your lives.' It is the end-the climax of human history that reveals the goal and purpose of the entire sequence of events from Adam to the return of Christ." Robert Mounce "But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years ...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Humble Husband"

"is not an analytical knowledge or religious insightbut personal insight that leads to loving and considerate care, whether in the bedroom or in other activities of marriage." Peter Davids "It is quite a mistaken belief that, because a member of the family works for his living outside the home, he can treat it like a hotel when he comes home, and expect to be waited on." ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Out of the Whirlwind, God Speaks"

"'Had I been present at creation I would have given some useful hints for the better ordering of the universe.' Those words are attributed to King Alphonso the Tenth, King of Spain in the thirteenth century, nicknamed 'Alphonso the Learned.' Alphonso was not the first human being to think he could run the universe better than God. The learned and wise Job has come to the c...

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Sunday Sermon Quotes: "Mistaken Zeal"

Quotes from C.J.'s sermon on Mark 9:38-41...

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