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Thursday Thoughts for Parents | An Article from TGC

Thursday parenting featured

Each week the Parenting Blog team offers a succinct summary recounting the hope extended to us through the Sundaysermon. This devotional exercise is meant to be a means of grace that encourages parents in their discipleship of young children. This week, we are going to take a break to offer parents an article that will encourage a biblical perspective on parenting. We pray...

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Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Resist Your Adversary"

This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Resist Your Adversary,given on September 24, 2017. Have you ever faced a bully? You know, someone who tries to intimidate you? When you think of facing a bully, how do you feel (sad, angry, depressed, frightened)? How should our perspective change knowing that Jesus has already beaten the most ferocious bully we could ever fa...

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Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Jesus' Birth"

This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Jesus' Birth, given on December 25, 2016. Christmas is a time where we often grow sentimental. We hear the story of Jesus' birth and think thoughts shaped by years of tradition. Our stories and songs put in our minds images of a silent peaceful night, stoic shepherds, and a helpless babe in a manger. It is time to rethink our...

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Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Joseph's Story"

"Thursdays Thoughts for Parents" use scriptures, discussion questions, and reflections from the sermon each week to help parents engage their kids and delve further into application. We pray that these posts will serve parents as they train their children in the "discipline and instruction of the Lord"...

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Heading Back to Class

Back-to-School thoughts and questions for parents and kids....

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Don’t Let Your Fathering Stop After Fathers Day

What a delightful Fathers Day we enjoyed together as a church yesterday. Who didn't feel the pleasure of God as McKenna Sturgeon honored her father? And thanks to Bethany Payne for the creation of the very cool and very masculine gift honoring fathers yesterday: duct tape and a Snickers bar! Exactly what real men want on Father's Day! I'm sure every father felt deeply than...

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