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Sermon Quotes: "Ground That Doesn't Shift"

"People have suffered. They've been afraid. The ground on which they stand has shifted." Peggy Noonan "Through the blessings of grace, walking with Jesus is no longer a forced march of meritbut a willing response of love, gratitude, and thanksgivingOur job is not to repeat Christ's work but to honor it. We do so by trusting the adequacy of his grace and responding to it w...

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Sermon Quotes: "What To Do When The Pandemic Turns Divisive"

"Few passages have as much theology and ethics in them as Philippians 2." D.A. Carson "Paul emphasizes that Jesus did not take advantage of or exploit the equality with God that he already possessed. In other words, the grasping or advantage-taking does not move toward equality with God as its goal but begins with God-equality and moves towards others. The text, then, emp...

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Virtual Sunday Class | Fear Not! | Session 2

Fear featured

Join us for session 2 of our virtual Sunday Class, "Fear Not! A Worrier's Guide to Peace and Rest." In this session, Rich Humphrey reminds us of the truth that overcomes our fears. Find the outline and previous sessions HERE ...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Rare Jewel for a Pandemic"

"I am drawn to people who suffer without murmuring. Especially when they believe in God but never get angry with him or criticize him. It seems to me that not murmuring is one of the rarest traits in the world. And when it is combined with a deep faith in God-who could alter our painful circumstances, but doesn't-it has a beautiful God-trusting, God-honoring quality that m...

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Day of Prayer for the Nations

Nations Prayer featured

Over the past few weeks we have joined Sovereign Grace churhces around the world to pray for our healthcare professionals and our frontline workers. Today, we are joining together to pray for the nations. We hope you'll join us! You can find some specific things to pray for in this blog post....

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Sunday Sermon Quotes: "The Most Important Question in a Pandemic"

4.19.20 featured

"This is not a season for sentimental views of God." John Piper "Jesus calls on the crowd to reflect on their skills of discernment. Living in Palestine, they can decipher the weather by checking the wind and the clouds. If the clouds are coming from the west and the Mediterranean, they know rain is coming. If the wind comes from the south off the desert, they know it wil...

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Sermon Quotes: "Persevering in the Pandemic"

"By placing trials in this position of prominence in the letter, James suggests that the tough times the believers were facing were a key reason for his writing to them." Doug Moo "Profound good in our lives often emerges in a crucible of significant sufferingThe endurance of faith is one of the Spirit's finest fruits-and you only learn to endure when you must live throug...

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To Stream, or Not to Stream? | Jeff Purswell

Streaming featured

Over the past few weeks, our pastors have spent many hours in prayer and discussion about how to best serve our congregation during this time of social distancing. Shortly after we streamed our first service, Jeff Purswell wrote a blogpost for Sovereign Grace Churches titled: "To Stream, or Not to Stream: Considering Sundays in Seclusion". In it, he explains our pastors de...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Prophet for a Prolonged Pandemic"

3.22.20 featured

"The Bible never says, 'God is wrath.' We must provoke him to wrath. But we need not provoke him to love, for that is his glorious name." Ray Ortlund Jr. "God is at work in the worst of times. He is at work doing a thousand things no one can see but him." John Piper "The most beautiful spirit of submission found anywhere in Scripture." O. Palmer Robertson "Habakkuk reso...

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Songs to Sing in a Pandemic | Bob Kauflin

Songs Featured

In his excellent article, "Anxiety, Waiting and the Coronavirus," Alasdair Groves reminds us of the unique kind of trial the current worldwide pandemic presents to us. We're tempted to experience a "particular strain of anxiety that comes when we are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface." In other words, we know something bad i...

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Sermon Quotes: "Peace in a Pandemic"

"The coronavirus provides us with an opportunity to think about how we respond to anxiety. Specifically, how can we handle the particular strain of anxiety that comes when you are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface. Thankfully, Scripture knows the fear of impending danger intimately and speaks to it repeatedly. So let's seize ...

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