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Weekly Devotional | "Who Is Wise?"

This devotional is based on Brian Chesemore's sermon, Who Is Wise?, given on May 15, 2016. Day 1: Godly Lives Reflect True Wisdom (3:13) Quotes: "Wisdom in the first century Greek culture was everything. If you were known as wise, you were a rock star. To the first century Greek, wisdom had everything to do with your learning and your skill of speech. Rhetoric was K...

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Sermon Quotes: "Who Is Wise?"

"This Christian meekness involves a healthy understanding of our own unworthiness before God and a corresponding humility and lack of pride in our dealings with our fellowmen." Douglas Moo "There is a kind of person who is undoubtedly clever, with acute brain and skillful tongue; but his effect, nevertheless, in any committee, in any church, in any group, is to cause tro...

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