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Sermon Quotes: "Planning in a Pandemic"

"James attributes no magical significance to the words themselves." Doug Moo "Apart from God I cannot exist; apart from me God does exist. God does not need me in order for Him to be. I do need God in order for me to be. This is the difference between what we call a self-existent Being and a dependent being. We are dependent. We are fragile." R.C. Sproul "To James the si...

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Sermon Quotes: "Patience In Suffering"

"James doctrine of the Christian life is a doctrine of process or growth, and patience is its central requirement." Alec Motyer "The farmer who prepares a field, sows seed, and then waits for a crop is a very natural illustration of patience. He can do little to effect the outcome but must wait and pray for the right rain at the right time. In Palestine, the farmer was pa...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Common Lie"

"Men today are just the same as when these words were first written. We still find people saying what they are going to do today, tomorrow, or in six months time, at the end of another year, and perhaps still further. I have no doubt there are persons here who have their own career mapped out before them pretty distinctly, and they feel well nigh-certain that they will rea...

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Sermon Quotes: "Got Faith?"

"They are not antagonists facing each other with crossed swords; they stand back to back, confronting different foes of the gospel." Alexander Ross "Paul denounces the idea of salvation by dead works; James rejects salvation by dead faith." J.I. Packer "Both James and Paul view good works as a proof of faithnotthe path to salvation." John MacArthur "James is not arguing...

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Weekly Devotional | The Poison of Partiality

This devotional is based on Jeff Purswell's sermon, The Poison of Partiality, given on April 3, 2016. Day 1: The Partiality of AppearancesJames 2:1-4 Quotes/References: "When we show favoritism, when we assess people by externals, we are usurping God's exclusive right to stand in judgment over others. You're taking the place of God." Jeff Purswell "If we have faith...

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Weekly Devotional | The Difference Meekness Makes

This devotional is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon, The Difference Meekness Makes, given on February 28th, 2016. Day 1: The Anger of Man James 1:19-20 Quotes/References: "If Christians studied and applied this command alone (verse 19), the tone and content of communication and conversations on the internet would change immediately and dramatically. Untold damage is do...

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Weekly Devotional | Trials, Temptations, and Good Gifts

This devotional is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon, Trials, Temptations, and Good Gifts, given on February 21st, 2016. Day 1: Blame-shifting James 1:13 Quotes/References: "It is critical that we distinguish between the external trial and the internal temptation" CJ Mahaney "The stakes are high here. Suffering will either leave you a much better person or a much worse...

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Weekly Devotion | A Radical Proposal

This devotional is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, A Radical Proposal, given on January 31, 2016. Day 1: Accepting our Trials | James1:1-2 Quotes/References: "James is nothing if not realistic: Life is a tale of various trials." Alec Motyer Questions to Consider: Read Acts 8.1-3. James is writing to "the Dispersion". Think for a few minutes about those who wer...

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Sermon Quotes: "James' Take on Job"

"About 95 percent of the book of Job is poetry. Chapters 1,2 and part of chapter 42 are prose. Almost all the rest is poetry. But so what? Well, poetry does not speak to us in the same way as prose. Poems 'are always a personal take on something, communicating not just from the head to head but from heart to heart' (J.I. Packer). A poet can often touch us, move us, and uns...

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Sunday Sermon Quotes: "Wisdom from Above for 2015"

Quotes from C.J.'s sermon on James 5:13....

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