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Weekly Devotional | A Happy Day

This devotional was written by John Cahoon and is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, A Happy Day, given on April 17, 2016. Day 1: The Gift of Our Leaders Quotes/References: "Your soul needs the caring and watchful eye of a godly pastor." CJ Mahaney "Our concern today is to give all our energy to you, serving you, watching over you to prepare you for that final day!" C...

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Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "How Should We Then Live"

Summary In this sermon, Brian exposits Hebrews 10:19-25, encouraging us with the foundation of Jesus' high priestly ministry and exhorting us to strive toward fellowship with God and one another. Consequently, we are shown how we should then live as faithful Christians. Foundation of Faithful Christian Living (10:19-21) The author of Hebrews is writing into a context ...

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Sunday Sermon Quotes: How Should We Then Live?

"[Schaeffer's] purpose was to show how ideas, as they have been embraced or discarded, have shaped the rise and decline of Western culture."Richard Phillips "What [people] are in their thought world determines how they act.The results of their thought world flow through their fingers or from their tongues in the external world. This is true of Michelangelo's chisel, and i...

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Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "Guard"

The writer of Hebrews knew that, even as Christians, our hearts are prone to wander. That wandering can be subtle and easily go unnoticed if we are not actively guarding our hearts. This passage prepares and protects us from the tendency to wander so that by God’s grace we may be preserved to the end....

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Sunday Sermon Quotes "Guard"

Quotes from C.J.'s sermon on Hebrews 3:12-13...

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Sermon Summary and Discussion Questions | "A Steady Pace and a Fixed Gaze"

Sermon summary and discussion questions from Jeff's message on Hebrews 12:1-2...

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