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Virtual Sunday Class | Commissioned Session 2

Commissioned featured

As we adjust to life in the new normal under coronavirus restrictions, we're all cataloging the temporarily suspended activities we can't wait to return to. At the top of my list is our Sunday gathering and a big part of that is the opportunity to learn from our Sunday classes. When our Sunday gatherings were suspended, we had only just begun a Sunday class series entitled...

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Sermon Quotes: "A Heart for the Harvest"

"His response is described by the strongly emotional Greek verb splanchnizomai, which speaks of a warm, compassionate response to need. No single English term does justice to it: compassion, pity, sympathy, and fellow-feeling all convey part of it, but 'his heart went out' perhaps represents more fully the emotional force of the underlying metaphor of a 'gut response'It is...

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Refugee Outreach Testimony | Bekah Scrufari

Over the past few weeks, our church has served refugee families in our community by organizing an informal VBS in a local park. The past Sunday, Bekah Scrufari shared about all the ways that the Lord has been working through these events. Bekah Scrufari Testimony | 2017 Refugee Outreach from SGCLouisville on Vimeo. ...

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Gospel Opportunities at Churchill Downs | Evangelism Testimony | Brittany Kauflin

Last Sunday, Brittany Kauflin shared about some exciting gospel opportunities at Churchill Downs. If you are interested in serving with this ministry, please contact us! You can email us at info@sgclouisville.org. Gospel Opportunities at Churchill Downs | Brittany Kauflin from SGCLouisville on Vimeo. ...

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Weekly Devotional | "Evangelism

This devotional is based on Matt Gray's sermon, Evangelism, given on September 25, 2016. Day 1: Who is God? Quotes: "The power of God unto salvation is located in a message, the message of the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ; all that he was and all that he did to reconcile sinners to a holy God." Matt Gray "If we don't start with God, we have nothing to do with ...

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A Testimony from Karl Sauter

A few weeks ago, Karl Sauter shared a testimony about a ministry opportunity at the University of Louisville. Here's a glimpse of the work that the Lord is doing on the campus. Karl Sauter Testimony from SGCLouisville on Vimeo....

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Sent Session 4 | The Corporate Witness of the Church

Join us for the final session of "Sent: Sharing the Hope of the Gospel". This week, Brian will conclude the 4 week class with a look at the corporate witness of the church. In addition, he'll be conducting a short interview with Matt Gray about how to share the good news of the gospel in under two minutes. We'd love for everyone to benefit from this time toegher, so feel f...

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Sent Session 3 | The Message of the Ambassador

Join us for this week's Sunday Class: The Message of the Ambassador...

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Our Summer Study

I’m so grateful that we have the opportunity this summer as community groups to study Mack Stiles' book, Evangelism. I know few things intimidate a believer (uh, me!) more than the fears that accompany sharing the gospel. And excuses to avoid evangelism never seem far away. But as believers, we are not only saved from our sins. We are saved into mission. And there i...

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Sunday Sermon Quotes [Evangelism and a Sovereign God]

Sunday we took a break between sermon series to explore the important topic of evangelism. Here are several quotes from Jeff Purswell's sermon, "Evangelism and a Sovereign God" that we pray stir your soul for the privilege of evangelism....

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The Mission Nearby

A few weeks ago, Jeff wrote about our enthusiastic commitment to gospel-mission (Keeping our Minds on the Mission Beyond). A love for Christ’s glory compels us to open our eyes and hearts to share the good news about our Savior. Opportunities abound across borders and overseas. And they also abound “across the street.” As a local church we have the joyfu...

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