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Sermon Quotes: "Death, the Evangelist"

"We admit that we shall die, but not so soon as to make it a pressing matter. We imagine that we are not within measurable distance of the tomb. Brethren, in this we are not wise. Death will not spare us because we avoid him." Charles Spurgeon "In the dusty communities of Biblical times, scented oils and other fragrances were valuable commodities. Yet having a name that p...

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Every Day's A Bad Day | Featured Article by Carolyn Mahaney

Last week, Desiring God featured an article by our dear pastor's wife, Carolyn Mahaney. In it, Carolyn talks about how studying the book of Ecclesiastes has served her soul. In her words, "Ecclesiastes has shown me the secret of enjoying life, even in the midst of trouble. It has rescued me from disillusionment when labors I thought were fruitful appeared to be for naught....

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