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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part V

With all the preaching and writing about the atonement that we see in  evangelicalism, isn’t there a danger that the resurrection will get lost? ...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part IV

In the book of Acts there seems to be a greater emphasis on Christ’s  resurrection than the cross. Shouldn’t we follow the early church’s example and  emphasize the resurrection over the cross? (Issue: Proportionality in biblical  interpretation) Interpreters of the book of Acts have long recognized the centrality ...

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Holy Week Resources

In the busy-ness of everyday life, it's easy to let Easter sneak up on us without much thought, preparation, or meditation. Despite its centrality, we can sometimes treat it as an after thought or just another Sunday. But whether we recognize it or not and whether we prepare for it or not, the fact remains that the events we remember during the Easter season are of pre-emi...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part III

It’s through union with Christ’s resurrection that we have been raised  to walk in new spiritual life. If we talk about the cross so much, won’t we end up  focusing only on sin and ignoring this important aspect of the Christian life?  Doesn’t a focus on the resurrection lead us to a more holy, victorious Ch...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part I

Sovereign Grace churches and leaders often use the phrase “cross-centered.” Doesn’t this phrase lead to an overemphasis on the cross and a neglect of the resurrection? (Issue: neglecting the resurrection). ...

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The Cross and the Resurrection | Part II

Christ has been raised, and so both the cross and the grave are now  empty. In light of this, isn’t it wrong to focus on a crucified Savior when, after all,  we serve a living Christ? (Issue: distorting Christ’s identity)...

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