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Sermon Quotes: "Bethlehem's Glory"

"It may be unpopular to trespass on popular images associated with Christ's birth and to debunk myths, but it is theologically dangerous to allow the account of his birth to be hijacked by fiction. Christmas fables lure us to seasonal sentimentalityThe sentimental Christmas may be popular as a religious holiday for some because it can come off as celebrating the birth of a...

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Sermon Quotes: "Bethlehem's Promise"

"The Hebrew term includes more than the English word. It embraces putting into effect all of God's purposes." D.A. Carson "Already the element of suffering in the servant's experience, which finds fuller and fuller expression till it achieves dominance in the fourth song (52:13-53:12) is gently suggested in verse 4." Geoffrey Grogan...

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Sermon Quotes: "No Ordinary King"

"At the close of chapter 10, what do we see? The infestation of human pride like a vast forest cut down. God swings his axe, and the whole evil system falls. Bare stumps as far as the eye can see. No branches waving in the wind, no birds, no life, no movement, no sound. The world is dead. But wait. Something new appears."-Ray Ortlund Jr. "Here is a king in whose hands the...

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Sermon Quotes | "The Angels' Song"

"In a real sense, the story of Jesus is our story, told to us and for us just as if we had been among the angels on that night near Bethlehem. What the angels announced to the shepherds that night is announced on behalf of all humanity. Their journey to see these things should be every person's journey to see what God is up to in Jesus. Their sense of amazement should be m...

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Sermon Quotes | "Simeon's Song"

"He is the one destined to fulfill the Law in every detail and to win the blessings of the covenant for his people. Where we fail and become covenant-breakers, deserving the curse of the covenant, Jesus, our champion, succeeds in his role as the New Adam, the supreme covenant-keeper. We are not merely redeemed by the death of Christ; we are also redeemed by the life of Chr...

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Thursday Thoughts for Parents | "Zechariah's Song"

Thursday parenting featured

This post is based on C.J. Mahaney's sermon, Zechariah's Song,given on December 10, 2017. When I was growing up, I was deathly afraid of the dark. Unrecognizable noises made by the wind outside my bedroom window or a pile of unfolded clothes tossed haphazardly in the corner would make my head dizzy with fright. Even though I knew that my mom and dad were only a few room...

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Prepare Him Room Advent

The Christmas season has arrived. In only a few short weeks, we will gather as families and friends to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This season presents a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on the glorious reality that God took on flesh and dwelt among us. As we begin this Christmas season, we would like to recommend a resource to serve you and yo...

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