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Sermon Quotes: "The Divine Exchange Rate"

"The scribes are ostentatious and the crowds are rich and extravagant; but by contrast this 'one poor widow' contributes two of the smallest coins in circulation. In purely financial terms, the value of her offering is negligible-and unworthy compared to the sums of wealthy donors. But in the divine exchange rate things look differently. That which made no difference in th...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Aftermath"

"The church of God is a subject that stands at the very heart of the Bible. For the church is the object of the redemption which the Bible proclaims. It was to save the church that the Son of God became man and died; God purchased his church at the cost of Christ's blood. It is through the church that God makes known his redeeming wisdom to the hosts of heaven. It is withi...

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Sermon Quotes: An Unexpected Companion

"The eyes of these two people have been deliberately kept from recognizing Jesus until after the interpretation of the ScriptureJesus does not overwhelm these two disciples by some spectacular revelation of himself. Instead, he interprets the Scriptures for them. They need to hear the Word of God to clear up the confusion of their own words (24:17)." David Garland "Jesus ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Back to Twelve"

"Prayer is the open admission that without Christ we can do nothing." John Piper "The forty days which Jesus spent on earth after His resurrection constitute an important part of His life and teaching. We usually do not pay enough attention to this. But the moment we attentively survey what Jesus said and did during those forty days, we detect that these shed an entirely ...

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Sermon Quotes: "Behold Him There"

"In this state of exaltation Christ continues the work which He began on the earth. There is a great difference between the work which Christ achieved in His humiliation and that which He accomplishes in His exaltationHe did not at His ascension enter upon an unproductive rest but instead now applies the fulness of His achieved salvation to His church." Herman Bavinck "He...

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Sunday Sermon Quotes: "The Last Song"

"Today-as in every generation-it is stunning to watch the shift away from God as the all-satisfying gift of God's love. It is stunning how seldom God himself is proclaimed as the greatest gift of the gospel. But the Bible teaches that the best and final gift of God's love is the enjoyment of God's beautyThe best and final gift of the gospel is that we gain ChristThis is th...

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Sermon Quotes: "Be Wise. Be Warned."

"The private world of the first psalm opens out into the public world of the second; the personal is followed by the cosmic; in airport terminology, one is 'domestic' and the other is 'international.' Psalm 1 talks the everyday language of wisdom books like Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, while Psalm 2, raising its eyes to world affairs beyond the control of ordinary people, sp...

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Sermon Quotes: "Living This Day For That Day"

"At my ordination I was charged 'to prepare the dying for their death.' Although the intention here may have been the narrower one of ministry to those near the point of death, the charge has wider implications. All Christians ought to be engaged in preparing one another for their deaths and for suffering, so that when suffering comes we may be so shaped by God's Word that...

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Sermon Quotes: "The Aftermath of Christmas"

"The rest of chapter 12 and of the book reveals that Christ's deathand resurrection have resulted in drastically curtailing the devil'srole of deception and nullifying his role of slandererThe 'place'which the devil lost was his hitherto privileged place of accusationformerly granted him by God as a temporary privilege." - GregBeale "The imagery of v9, as v10 explicitly...

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Sermon Quotes: "Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl"

12.19.21 fb

"Who doesn't love a good dragon-slaying story? There is a reason that classic literature features such stories-we love them! But why? We love good dragon-slaying stories because they echo the greatest story-the grand story of the Bible. Stories that parallel the greatest story make our hearts soar with delight. Those stories are often fiction, such as Tolkien's The Lord o...

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