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Sermon Recap: The Invocation of Prayer

Wearing winter hats on our heads and swaddled in warm blankets, we devoted our attention to the world's most famous prayer. This prayer is intensely personal and the model for how we are supposed to approach God. There are six requests in this prayer: the first three relating to the advancement of God's glory and the last three addressing our daily needs. However, the focu...

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Sermon Recap | No Ordinary King

In chapter 11, Isaiah continues to proclaim how God meets our needs within our broken world of sin through the promised Messiah. Instead of trusting in man's strength and wisdom, the perfect ruler is empowered by the Holy Spirit and delights in the fear of the Lord. In perfect righteousness, he rules and judges without bias toward the rich or powerful. You cannot avoid, br...

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Sermon Recap | A Band of Natural Enemies

Psalm 133 is meant to "charm us into imitation" as it opens with the extraordinary effect of the God-given gift of unity. David's use of the word 'good' to describe brotherly accord takes us back to the refrain used during the creation account in Genesis, and 'pleasant' is the felt effect of this unity in the souls of the Lord's chosen people. C.J. used this psalm to remin...

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Sermon Recap | An Urgent Prayer Request

In this passage, Jesus sees the crowds of hopeless sinners in Israel, and their lost state evokes deep compassion in him. He responds by instructing his disciples to pray for the lost sheeps' rescue through the sending of laborers into the harvest. Michael encouraged us to look into the world and see the crowds of desperate sinners as Christ sees them. He challenged us to ...

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Sermon Recap | Serve the Lord with Gladness

Glad service honors God! John Piper wrote, "Where feelings for God are dead, worship is dead." By the grace of God, our church is filled with cheerful servants who serve in our church full of love for God. Psalm 100:2 should fan into flame the gift that God has already given to our church in the form of glad-hearted giving. Serving the Lord with gladness is a biblical dist...

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Sermon Recap | The Miracle of Generosity

In this week's sermon, we looked at how the church in Macedonia experienced God's grace and generosity amidst their trials and afflictions. As Jeff unpacked this text, we saw three aspects of gospel generosity. First, we saw the source of generosity as it comes from grace, which Paul described as undeserved favor and divine enablement. Second, we saw three marks of generos...

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Sermon Recap: "A Heart for the Harvest"

In Matthew 9:35-10:4, Jesus sees the needs of the crowd as they were unable to free themselves. Seeing them as sheep without a shepherd, Jesus was deeply moved by a warm, compassionate response to their need (and ours). Jesus' compassion is the supreme motivation for our mission. The first means of accomplishing that mission is to urgently pray to the Lord of the harvest f...

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Sermon Recap: Idols and Altars

In last Sunday's passage, the Israelites heard the voice of God, and they were afraid. They asked Moses to be their spokesperson with God, and the Lord responded graciously to their fear. In this week's passage, God graciously provides instructions for a simple altar that can be constructed anywhere to allow the Israelites to draw near to Him. Out of his abundant kindness,...

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Sermon Recap | Amnesia & Deja Vu


Immediately following their deliverance from the bonds of slavery, the Lord institutes the annual observance of the Passover Meal; a night to remember God's faithful protection over the people of Israel. As CJ has noted throughout this series, the Passover Meal and the Feast of Unleavened Bread was to be a sign for all future generations, forever reminding God's people o...

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Sermon Recap | An Echo of Exodus

an eho of exodus

In this week's sermon on Matthew 2, CJ both further helped us connect the gospel to our study of Exodus and encouraged us towards greater affection towards Jesus in light of that. First, we examined the Magi. This mysterious band of Gentiles from the East knew little about Scripture, had to travel a remarkably long distance, and gave precious valuables to the baby. What...

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Sermon Recap | Why the Prelude?

Why the Prelude

This past Sunday, C.J. explored the opening scenes of God's confrontation with Pharaoh and the idols of Egypt. While the stage was previously set for Moses and Aaron to take the Lord's message of deliverance to the king of Egypt, we are now given a prelude, of sorts, for the impending larger conflict. In Exodus 7:8-13, God commissions Moses and Aaron to stand before Phara...

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Sunday Sermon Recap | Divine Reassurance

divine reassurance2

This post is based on CJ Mahaney's sermon,Divine Reassurance, given on November 25, 2018. In this Sunday's sermon, CJ helpfully applied Exodus 6:28-7:7 by encouraging us towards greater confidence in God's sovereignty and to further faithfulness to the gospel. Redemption is a work of God alone through the gospel alone. God reissued his call to Moses when he was 80 years ...

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Sermon Summary | "A Safe Journey"

Introduction The book of Psalms should be treasured Spurgeon thought the Psalms were undervalued in 1882how much more today! You will experience no emotion that has not been expressed in the psalms. This psalm was chosen with Rebecca Stephenson in mind. Rebecca's husband Wade Stephenson passed away three weeks ago. It is a Song of Ascents Psalms 120 134...

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Sermon Summary | "The Final Chapter"

What about 16:9 20? What is textual criticism? Textual criticism: the science of studying all the known copies of a document to discover what the original said. A science that clearly shows God's generosity to us in preserving his word. Far more manuscripts exist of the NT than of Tacitus (3 manuscripts) and Josephus (120 manuscripts), and the manuscripts of the NT ...

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Sermon Summary | "Worship and the Cross"

Sermon summary from Bob Kauflin's sermon on Revelation 5...

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Sermon Summary | "The Only Assessment that Matters

On Sunday, C.J. preached from 1 Corinthians 3:18-4:5, in order to address the recent graduates of the Sovereign Grace Pastors College as well as the church body as a whole. Below is an outline and summary of his sermon, The Only Assessment that Matters....

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Sermon Summary | "Saved By Grace"

This Sunday we had the immense privilege of hearing from Shawn Woo, a graduating student in the 2014 class of the Sovereign Grace Pastors College. Shawn preached from Ephesians 2:1-10, highlighting the good news that God saves hopeless sinners to display his sovereign grace. Below is an outline and summary of his sermon entitled, Saved by Grace....

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Sermon Summary | "A Defining Moment"

This Sunday, C.J. preached from Mark 7:1-13, where the motif of hostility escalates between the religious leaders and Jesus. Below is an outline and summary of the sermon, "A Defining Moment"....

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Sermon Summary | "A Worker Approved"

A summary of Mack Stiles message on 2 Timothy 2:14-19...

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Sermon Summary | "The Boys in the Boat"

A summary of C.J.'s sermon on Mark 6:45-52...

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Sermon Summary | "Tell Them That Again"

A summary of C.J.'s message on Isaiah 53...

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Sermon Summary | "Jesus' Mission and Ours"

A summary of Jeff Purswell's sermon on Mark 6:6b-30...

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Sermon Summary | "Deflating the Puffed Up Church"

Summary of CJ Mahaney's sermon on 1 Corinthians 4:6-13...

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Sermon Summary | "A Gracious Warning"

Summary of CJ Mahaney's sermon on Mark 6:1-6...

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